Release of Machining Power, the online calculator for machine settings

We are pleased to announce that Machining Power, the online calculator for machine settings, is now available through the web-based E-catalog page.

Machining Power is the calculator site which quickly provides the values necessary for efficient machining, such as net mean power demand, cutting force, and material removal rate. The system is very user-friendly, and the customer simply needs to select the application and input the cutting conditions, including specifications for tools, cutting speed, feed per tooth, and other relevant parameters.

The same function is already available in Dr. Carbide, a mobile app that has been receiving good reputation in the market. In response to the customers’ strong request to perform the calculations on computers, we have developed Machining Power on a web-based platform that delivers the same results as Dr. Carbide does.

Machining Power is useful as a stand-alone system, but it can also be used in combination with Tungaloy’s other IT tools. For an instance, the result of the recommended cutting conditions given by Tung-Navi, the tool navigation system, can be used on Machining Power, which allows customers to reach the information of power requirement and machining efficiency in a wide variety of applications.

To access Machining Power, click the tab located in the upper right side of the E-catalog page or the URL below:

If you have any question, please contact your sales representative or Marketing Department.

Thank you.


How to use Machining Power

(1) Click the tab “Machining Power” on the upper right side of the E-catalog page.


(2) The start page will appear.


(3) Select the application and input the cutting conditions. Click “Calculate,” then Results will show the values of net mean power demand, material removal rate, and other related figures.