Times of Uncertainty – Special Support from Tungaloy

Dear Valued Distributor,

As uncertainty spreads, global markets keep fluctuating with expanding COVID-19 figures that impact more countries.  In response, governments are taking steps to slow the expansion and gain control.

Optimists, myself included, believe that these economic and health concerns will improve in the coming months.  With China playing a main role, we already see some of the concerns being lowered as China contains the spread of the virus and the gradual reopening of manufacturing and facilities is progressing in China. Yet, worst scenarios are possible too, and these require us to stay alert in order to respond immediately whenever needed.

In the specific context of industrial operations, one of the main concerns is imposed by supply chain disruptions. These include raw materials and labor shortage, as well as delivery and distribution disturbances. As deliveries depend on airlines flying, on trucks delivering and on logistic hubs, isolation and labor unavailability threaten mobility and reduces the functionality of these important links in the chain of supply.

Be assured, Tungaloy has already implemented all measures to secure uninterrupted supply and ongoing technical support to our distributors and end-users.  These measures ensure that each manufacturing facility remains fully operative with the capability of backing up others at zero response time, whenever needed to secure undisturbed chain of supply to our customers.

We appreciate your support and will continue to monitor and follow the guidelines and recommendations of formal international and local health authorities. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Russell Flood
Tungaloy America