New Special Promotions – Valid until July 31, 2020

New Special Product Promotions
(Valid through July 31, 2020)
What’s the only thing better than getting the very best quality tooling? It’s getting it at an even better price!

Check out these brand new special pricing offers from Tungaloy and take advantage of huge savings on some of our most popular products! For details and promo codes download this Special Promotions brochure. 

Download the PDF brochure

Tungaloy Special Promotions
This new promotion includes deep discounts on the following Tungaloy Products:

  • DoForceTri
  • DoTriple-Mill
  • Tung-Tri
  • MillQuadFeed
  • TungEight-Mill
  • TungCut
  • TetraForceCut
  • TungSix-Drill
  • DrillMeister
  • ReamMeister
  • T9200 Series
  • ISO-EcoTurn

To learn more about these special promotions, download the brochure or contact your local Tungaloy sales engineer.