Learn how a shop went from 24 to 40 parts per cutting edge with one simple change

Switching from a cutting tool insert that produced 24 parts per cutting edge to one that produces 40 parts per cutting edge saved a shop time and money.

Shops deal with different types of material, each with their own challenges. One material that can present some difficulties is 4140 steel. This material can have a tough crust or scale on the outside that is tough to machine and can wear down cutting tools quickly. However, special cutting tools can ease this process. For a shop in Mississippi, switching to a more efficient and economical tool from Tungaloy increased the number of parts it can produce per insert, saving time and money.

Helanbak got its start five years ago. The company’s owner, Kristian Agoglia, had come to the Columbia, Mississippi area to clean up in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The equipment he was using, including trimmers and clippers, had blades that needed to be sharpened. He took them to a local company called Terry’s Bits, which was owned by Randall Terry. Mr. Terry and Mr. Agoglia became friends, and eventually decided to go into business together. 

The core of Helanbak’s business is drill pipes, which are used to drill holes in the ground off of drilling rigs for water well service, geological surveys and rock mining. This accounts for about 70% of the company’s business. It also produces firearms and does other precision machining work. The ten-employee company has a range of equipment to complete this work, including a friction welder, three Mazak Quick Turns, a Mazak VTC, Haas VF-4 Superspeeds, two Okuma lathes and a Doosan-Daewoo HBL-06 lathe.  READ MORE >>