Innovative Indexable Deep-Drilling Tools Greatly Increase Gun-Drilling Productivity

New drill tools for deep-hole drilling increased feeds, speeds, reduced tool-change downtime, helped company avoid purchasing a backup gun drill.


Tungaloy DeepTri-Drill
Tungaloy reports that customers typically see 3.5-4x improvements in drilling feeds and speeds when they switch from conventional brazed-tip to Deep-Tri drills. Indeed, MSI achieved an order of magnitude improvement on 9/16” diameter holes in P20 steel, which represents 80 percent of what they were drilling on their gun-drill machine.

Founded in 1971, MSI Mold Builders (MSI; Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Greenville, South Carolina) designs and builds prototype and production plastic molds in steel and aluminum. These molds are used for injection, structural foam, blow, gas-assist and reaction-injection molding plus structural web processes. The ISO 9001:2008 certified company serves a diverse customer base in the computer/business equipment, consumer electronics, appliance, medical diagnostic, materials handling, sporting goods, lawn and garden, heavy equipment, aviation and commercial truck markets.

Lean, Leaner, Leanest

Since 2001, MSI has been committed to applying lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, and 5S principles to increase productivity, reduce waste, improve safety and ensure quality and customer satisfaction.

“As customers continue to demand shorter mold-delivery times and ask us to hold the line on costs, we have to find ways to continuously improve the speed and efficiency with which we make molds to maintain profitability,” explains Eric Kolsto, MSI director of technology and training. “Fortunately, we’ve seen dramatic quality and efficiency improvements since we started down the lean-manufacturing path. We’ve pushed moldmaking errors to nearly zero, allowing us to build higher-quality tools on very-aggressive delivery schedules that bring greater customer value.” READ MORE >>