How to Achieve Accelerated Milling

High-feed milling reduces cycle time and extends cutting tool life.

Cycle time plays a major role in productivity and often determines the profitability of any given job in today’s hypercompetitive machining market. Simply increasing the speed or revolutions per minute (RPM) may appear to decrease cycle time. However, the time it takes to change inserts hampers any reduction in cycle time, as the increase in speed or RPM shortens tool life, increasing cutting tool cost.

High-feed milling (HFM) is a solution to this problem. The tool works at elevated feed rates with modest speed or RPM, which reduces cycle time while extending tool life. These flexible and versatile tools can yield dramatically reduced cycle time and cost, long tool life and high-quality finished parts.


HFM-image-1 HFM-image-2 HFM-image-3