A Look Back at Tungaloy’s 2019 Product Highlights

With 2020 underway, and the anticipation of IMTS on the horizon, we thought it a good time to look back at some of the most exciting new products and product enhancements we announced in 2019. After all, our mission of continuous improvement in production technologies, combined with large investments in R&D, drives us to develop high-quality products that help manufacturers across a wide variety of industries maximize their productivity.



  • T9200 Series – nearly unbreakable new CVD insert series for improved machining efficiency.
  • WavyJoint Insert – makes hard turning less hard. For high depth of cut in hard turning up to 0.031″.
  • TungModularSystem – The ultimate in versatility, a modular system for grooving and parting off.
    • TetraMiniCut – New TCS insert type and new AH7025 grade.
    • TetraForceCut – New TCL insert type.
    • TungCut – New DTM and DGL insert type and new AH7025 grade.
  • TungForceFeed – High feed milestone! Small diameter high feed milling cutter (as small as 0.375″ diameter) with low cutting force and improved chip evacuation.
  • DoForceTri – This high precision shoulder milling cutter now includes new 07 inserts for small parts machining.
  • DrillMeister – The masters of hole making – an interchangeable drill head system with quick indexing. Now has a new DMC head with a self-centering point and double margins.