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The cutting tool industry has been trying for years to replace solid carbide end mills with indexable end mills. There have been many attempts, few, if any have been successful. One factor is the number of cutting teeth per unit of diameter is higher on solid carbide than with indexable end mills. Smaller diameter tools require higher RPMs. Higher RPMs increase the centrifugal force on the insert.

Conventional indexable end mills rely only on the insert screw to secure the insert and prevent the centrifugal force from ejecting the insert from the pocket. Conventional indexable end mills have flat seated inserts that provide nothing to prevent the centrifugal force from trying to eject the insert other than the screw. To accommodate the screw the insert needs to be large enough, limiting the number of teeth per unit of diameter.

Tungaloy’s TungForce-Rec line of end mills has successfully overcome this obstacle by designing the insert with a “V” bottom that fits into a mating “V” bottom pocket on the tool.



Now available “MachiningCloud” to download CAD file.

Tungaloy Corporation announced today that, starting on 15th February, 2018, Tungaloy will be present on the MachiningCloud* application, where cutting tool assemblies can be built quickly and easily.

The available data will comply with ISO 13399 – an international technical standard conforming to Industry 4.0.

Downloading the CAD data to software, such as CAM or tool management systems, will allow simulations for cutting processes before actual operations on a machining center or a CNC lathe.

Users will also be able to check the performance of tools and develop a precision processing program in advance.

*MachiningCloud: CAD data service by MachiningCloud GmbH headquartered in Switzerland
MachiningCloud website: https://www.machiningcloud.com/



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Team Penske Extends Partnership With Tungaloy

Exciting News!  Team Penske and Tungaloy have announced an extension of their partnership for 2018 and beyond.  Click here to read more:  http://www.teampenske.com/news/index.cfm/c/683/53541/TEAM_PENSKE_EXTENDS_PARTNERSHIP_WITH_TUNGALOY