New 2018A Promotions Released

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Video updated: DoFeed – Innovative high-feed cutters offer incredible productivity.

Tungaloy’s high-feed milling cutter utilizes double sided inserts with 4 positive cutting edges for accelerated machining.


NEW 2018/2019 General Catalog Released

Tungaloy America is proud to announce the launch of the NEW 2018/2019 General Catalog!


Please take some time to browse through the new catalog to discover all of the innovative products Tungaloy has to offer – 2018/2019 General Catalog PDF


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Video updated: DoForce-Tri – Cost-effective shoulder milling cutter for high productivity

Tugaloy’s shoulder milling cutter with double-sided 6 cutting edged inserts clamped in a rigid pocket design, for accelerated machining


Video updated: DoTriple-Mill – Face milling cutter with 3 types of double-sided inserts

Tungaloy’s face milling cutter with dovetail clamping ensures high insert stability for accelerated machining.


Video updated: DoTwistBall – Super high-feed cutter for profile milling at high feed rates

Tungaloy’s high-feed cutter with 2 types of inserts, radius type and high-feed type


Video updated: TungForceRec – Miniature shoulder milling cutter

Tungaloy’s miniature shoulder milling cutter with excellent stability during high speed machining



Company Will Become Preferred Supplier of Tooling Equipment for Team’s Manufacturing Processes

MOORESVILLE, N.C. (February 8, 2016) – Team Penske and Tungaloy America today announced a strategic alliance between the two organizations. As part of the new partnership, Tungaloy America will serve as a preferred supplier, as well as a technical partner, to Team Penske for both its NASCAR and INDYCAR racing programs. Tungaloy America will provide expertise to Team Penske in order to enhance efficiency and accelerate machining within the team’s manufacturing processes.


TungTech, Tungaloy Technical Articles T515: The New CVD Coated Grade for Cast Iron Turning

T515: The New CVD Coated Grade for Cast Iron Turning

 PDF 5.6MB



TungTech, Tungaloy Technical Articles DuoJust-Cut: Improves Productivity in Parting off Small Parts

DuoJust-Cut: Improves Productivity in Parting off Small Parts