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Metalworking technology is advancing faster than ever before. To help accommodate this process and address the demands for accelerated machining, Tungaloy offers the latest advanced new products and innovative technologies.


A Look Back at Tungaloy’s 2019 Product Highlights

With 2020 underway, and the anticipation of IMTS on the horizon, we thought it a good time to look back at some of the most exciting new products and product enhancements we announced in 2019. After all, our mission of continuous improvement in production technologies, combined with large investments in R&D, drives us to develop high-quality products that help manufacturers across a wide variety of industries maximize their productivity.



  • T9200 Series – nearly unbreakable new CVD insert series for improved machining efficiency.
  • WavyJoint Insert – makes hard turning less hard. For high depth of cut in hard turning up to 0.031″.
  • TungModularSystem – The ultimate in versatility, a modular system for grooving and parting off.
    • TetraMiniCut – New TCS insert type and new AH7025 grade.
    • TetraForceCut – New TCL insert type.
    • TungCut – New DTM and DGL insert type and new AH7025 grade.
  • TungForceFeed – High feed milestone! Small diameter high feed milling cutter (as small as 0.375″ diameter) with low cutting force and improved chip evacuation.
  • DoForceTri – This high precision shoulder milling cutter now includes new 07 inserts for small parts machining.
  • DrillMeister – The masters of hole making – an interchangeable drill head system with quick indexing. Now has a new DMC head with a self-centering point and double margins.











Register Now | Training Seminars | 2020 Schedule

Join us for one of our upcoming 2020 technical seminars to learn more about Tungaloy’s unique and powerful tools for Accelerated Machining.

  • Product Seminars
  • Super Alloy Machining Seminars
  • Hardened Part Machining: CBN and Ceramic Tooling Seminars

2020 Tungaloy Product Seminars
These two-day seminars cover an overall discussion of product advancements for turning, milling and drilling for all industries and materials.

Tungaloy experts provide an in-depth look at ways to improve machining processes including live demonstrations. Tungaloy will book and cover hotel room, airport transfers and meals.

Product Seminar Schedule

NEW! Hardened Part Machining: CBN and Ceramic Tooling Seminar

Machining hardened steels carburized (case hardened steel), powdered metal or other difficult to machine materials like high temp alloys is becoming more common in the automotive, medical and aerospace industries.

Whether you’re looking for improvements in tool life, surface finish or part processing time CBN is a great option for all these applications. CBN can withstand high cutting temperatures and forces and maintain their cutting edge. CBN provides long, consistent tool life and excellent surface finishes.

We will discuss the differences in CBN grades and honing geometries to help you select the best insert for your application. We will review our chip breaker and wiper edge options in CBN for use in carburized materials or other applications where chip control and finish are an issue.

Includes machining demonstrations on the mill and lathe for different materials. Tungaloy will book and cover hotel room, airport transfers and meals.

Hardened Part Machining: CBN and Ceramic Tooling Seminar Schedule

Super Alloy Machining Seminar

Heat resistant super alloys are becoming more popular in the aerospace, energy and medical markets as competition and environmental issues have increased in priority.

This two-day seminar for high temperature alloy machining  will showcase the new advanced tool geometries and grades and demonstrate a machining strategy that includes optimization with the latest in machining methods. Tungaloy will book and cover hotel room, airport transfers and meals.

Super Alloy Machining Seminar Schedule

Tungaloy Super Alloy Machining Seminar

For questions regarding any Tungaloy America Seminars, contact Jennifer Richards at jrichards@tungaloyamerica.com or speak with your local Tungaloy Sales Engineer.

Learn how a shop went from 24 to 40 parts per cutting edge with one simple change

Switching from a cutting tool insert that produced 24 parts per cutting edge to one that produces 40 parts per cutting edge saved a shop time and money.

Shops deal with different types of material, each with their own challenges. One material that can present some difficulties is 4140 steel. This material can have a tough crust or scale on the outside that is tough to machine and can wear down cutting tools quickly. However, special cutting tools can ease this process. For a shop in Mississippi, switching to a more efficient and economical tool from Tungaloy increased the number of parts it can produce per insert, saving time and money.

Helanbak got its start five years ago. The company’s owner, Kristian Agoglia, had come to the Columbia, Mississippi area to clean up in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The equipment he was using, including trimmers and clippers, had blades that needed to be sharpened. He took them to a local company called Terry’s Bits, which was owned by Randall Terry. Mr. Terry and Mr. Agoglia became friends, and eventually decided to go into business together. 

The core of Helanbak’s business is drill pipes, which are used to drill holes in the ground off of drilling rigs for water well service, geological surveys and rock mining. This accounts for about 70% of the company’s business. It also produces firearms and does other precision machining work. The ten-employee company has a range of equipment to complete this work, including a friction welder, three Mazak Quick Turns, a Mazak VTC, Haas VF-4 Superspeeds, two Okuma lathes and a Doosan-Daewoo HBL-06 lathe.  READ MORE >>

Minutes Count When Machining

Seeb Industrial Image

Seeb Industrial’s vice president of manufacturing, Eric Nagy, checks a Tungaloy Tung-Tri shoulder mill. Image courtesy of Seeb Industrial.

Reduce the cycle time and consistently meet dimensional tolerance specifications when machining a forged military component

A selection of cutting tools that includes a high-feed mill, a shoulder mill and an exchangeable-head drill.

Seeb Industrial Inc. is a diversified job shop that has been open for 38 years. Seeb focuses on CNC machining. “Our average run is about 250 pieces. Two hundred and fifty to 500 pieces are some of our larger runs, although we have done more,” said Vice President of Manufacturing Eric Nagy.

Seeb Industrial, Bedford Heights, Ohio, frequently does complicated one-part jobs on a CNC, he added, such as when a customer needs a replacement component for a machine for which parts are no longer being produced. “We will take a part, reverse-engineer it and get them back up and running.”

However, when the company got an order that indicated an annual total of 5,000 pieces, Seeb Industrial was concerned about the cycle time for the pieces, according to Nagy.

Seeb Industrial began by making prototypes and then determined which cutting tools of the 10 being applied consumed the most time. With that information, the shop consulted various suppliers. “We picked everybody’s brain from different tooling companies,” Nagy said. 

Tungaloy America Inc., Arlington Heights, Illinois, was one of the cutting tool companies that Seeb Industrial contacted because the shop had worked with Jeff Fousek, a sales engineer for the toolmaker, on previous applications. Fousek proposed applying Tungaloy tools for several processes, and Seeb Industrial welcomed two of the suggested tools: the DoFeedMini indexable-insert high-feed mill and the Tung-Tri indexable shoulder mill. 

Seeb Industrial started with a 1.25″-dia. high-feed mill but switched to a 7⁄8″ tool along with a shorter toolholder to enhance rigidity and help minimize chatter, Nagy said. “We got that tool running at 230 ipm.”  Continue >

How to Achieve Accelerated Milling

High-feed milling reduces cycle time and extends cutting tool life.

Cycle time plays a major role in productivity and often determines the profitability of any given job in today’s hypercompetitive machining market. Simply increasing the speed or revolutions per minute (RPM) may appear to decrease cycle time. However, the time it takes to change inserts hampers any reduction in cycle time, as the increase in speed or RPM shortens tool life, increasing cutting tool cost.

High-feed milling (HFM) is a solution to this problem. The tool works at elevated feed rates with modest speed or RPM, which reduces cycle time while extending tool life. These flexible and versatile tools can yield dramatically reduced cycle time and cost, long tool life and high-quality finished parts.


HFM-image-1 HFM-image-2 HFM-image-3


Join Us at the Productivity Oktoberfest | Sept. 24-26

Productivity Oktoberfest Tool Show
Sept. 24-26 | Plymouth, MN

Visit with our expert Tungaloy Team at the show and

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The 20th Oktoberfest Tool Show features machine tools, robots, tooling and accessories, measurement solutions, contract dimensional inspection services, live machine demos, valuable seminars, metalworking experts, prizes, food and music!

Visit the Productivity, Inc. website for details >>

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Interrupted Turning Operation Cuts Cost With 10-Sided Insert

MMS NOV image

The remanufactured blowout preventers (BOPs) are made of 4140 steel with Inconel welding seams. To machine the seams into spec, NOV used the TurnTenFeed inserts in an interrupted turning operation.

Using a robust 10-sided insert from Tungaloy, this oil-industry remanufacturer was able to reduce the number of inserts used in interrupted turning operations.

In the wake of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig disaster in 2010, the United States imposed many new regulations on deep-ocean drilling that necessitated the regular replacement of blowout preventers (BOPs), which are designed to prevent future spills. To reduce the cost, oil companies turn to remanufacturers for getting used BOPs back up to specification. One such remanufacturer is National Oilwell Varco (NOV), an international manufacturing company dedicated to the oil industry.

To bring a BOP back up to spec, the company welds it with Inconel, then machines the seams back down. To machine off the excess material, the company performs an interrupted turning operation, slowly lowering the cutting tool to the workpiece and cutting away the irregular Inconel seam.

Unfortunately, as the cutting tool engages the seam, it undergoes tremendous strains from constantly disengaging and reengaging with the seam. The most strenuous part of a machining operation for a cutting tool is the moment it makes contact with a part, which makes interrupted turning especially damaging for cutting tools. What this meant in practical terms for NOV was a lot of damaged inserts.  READ MORE >>

Join us at WIMTS 2019 | Booth # 600

Wisconsin Manufacturing & Technology Show
October 8-10 | Milwaukee, WI

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Stop by booth #600 to visit our expert Tungal
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The Wisconsin Manufacturing & Technology Show (WIMTS) is the industry-leading Midwest manufacturing trade show–from additive manufacturing to robotics, machining centers to welding, tooling and fabricating equipment and many more technologies in between.

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Join us for an upcoming technical seminar to learn more about Tungaloy’s unique and powerful tools for Accelerated Machining and optimizing high temperature alloy machining.


2020 Tungaloy Product Seminars
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These two-day seminars cover an overall discussion of product advancements for turning, milling and drilling for all industries and materials.

Tungaloy experts provide an in-depth look at ways to improve machining processes including live demonstrations. Tungaloy will book and cover hotel room, airport transfers and meals.

Product Seminar Schedule

  • 2020 schedule is TBD

For questions regarding Tungaloy America Seminars, contact Jennifer Richards at jrichards@tungaloyamerica.com or speak with your local Tungaloy Sales Engineer.

Watch the video from a recent 2019 Product Seminar.