An Expansion to TetraMini-Cut Opens its Door to General Grooving

Iwaki, June 2017 – Tungaloy Corporation is broadening its TetraMini-Cut series – our successful grooving tool range for Swiss-type machines – to include new insert lines, extending its grooving benefits with CNC lathes and turning centers.

TetraMini-Cut features a compact four-cornered insert that is securely clamped in an innovatively designed pocket for indexing repeatability and tool life stability.

Already successful in the Swiss lathe market, TetraMini-Cut is now expanding its benefits to the general lathe market.  The series now includes two new chipbreaker styles each with optimal cutting edge features. The new TCG style chipbreaker line incorporates optimized rake angle and edge preparations, benefiting manufacturers in all industry segments, especially automotive. The TCP style chipbreaker line features a large rake angle with a sharp cutting edge. Its maximum depth of cut is now extended to 3.5 mm (0.14”) from the conventional 2.5 mm (0.01”) for greater range of applications. To meet the requirements from small and miniature part manufacturers who are grooving with R0.1 mm (R0.004”) or smaller, the TCP line also includes inserts with R0.05 mm (R0.002”) corner radii.

The extended TetraMini-Cut line also includes the unique AH7025 grade featuring a nano-multilayer PVD coating with high aluminum-content for effectively cutting various materials, while minimizing chipping, fractures, and plastic deformation on the cutting edge, which are common issues during grooving.

This addition reinforces TetraMini-Cut with access to general grooving, reflecting Tungaloy’s endeavor to be a leader in the global grooving market.


  • Benefits:
    • New maximum depth of cut: 3.5 mm (0.14”) from 2.5 mm (0.01”) for a wider application range to general CNC lathes and turning centers
    • TCG18 style chipbreaker assures insert life stability thanks to an optimized rake angle and edge preparation
    • Unique AH7025 grade with a combined resistance to wear and fracture during grooving operations
    • TCP18 style chipbreaker most suited for small and miniature part machining, featuring an optimized cutting edge geometry for typical requirements of groove corner radii smaller than R0.1 mm (R0.004”)
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