Tooling system with unique function and wide variation


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TungShort: ER Collet chuck system

  • Small runout due to short overhang design

TungMax: Power chuck end mill holder

  • Rigid clamping with small torque

TungHydro: Hydraulic chucking system

  • Less than 0.003 mm (0.0001″) run-out accuracy

TungClick: Quick-change system

  • Taper shank and holder connecting in a quick half-turn

TungFlex: Modular tooling system

  • Screw-clamping head for easy tool management

TungFit: Modular tooling system

  • Easy and rigid clamping with only one screw

TungBore: Adjustable drilling diameter holder

  • Diameter adjusting range: -0.3 – +1.3 mm (-0.012 – +0.051″)

TungGyro: Center alignment collet chuck

  • Runout adjustment of drilling tool on lathe

TungGfi: Floating reamer collet chuck

  • Automatic adjustment of misalignment between reamer and prepared hole

TungFine: Centering tooling system

  • Radial self-floating mechanism for high accuracy and long tool life

TungBalance: Balanceable collet chuck

  • Adjustment of dynamic balance for high-speed machining

TungGti: Tapping attachment

  • Self-adjustment function for high accuracy

TungShrink: Thermal shrinking holder

  • Various adapters for quick change

EasyLock: Electrical nut-clamping torque control device

  • Easy tool clamping / unclamping and collet chuck accuracy