Highly productive roughing cutter with serrated edges

Long-edge rough milling with small chips effectively prevents chatter

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– Anti Chatter Design

  • Wavy cutting edge shape creates smaller chips reducing chatter.


– Intelligent and User friendly design

  • Each flute (adjacent pockets in radial direction) in the cutter body is offsetted in Z direction. This positioning ensures that the insert in the adjacent flute removes the crest left by the previous insert. Thus, the surface of machined wall is close to be flat.
  • No specific insert positioning required as positioning is done on the cutter.
  • All cutting edges of the Inserts are identical.
  • Insert corner is strengthened to resist corner chip off for the bottom most insert.(the bottom most insert is a single effective corner and withstands the feed equal to feed/rev)


– Insert Varieties

  • 2 types of insert fit on the same cutter body providing option for roughing as well as finishing.



– Shoulder milling

ISO Application Range: