Miniature shoulder milling cutter with incomparable stability

Square shoulder milling endmills with small diameter with exceptional stability and productivity

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– Exceptional stability

  • Unique shape of the Insert and its positioning on the cutterbody provides larger support below the insert.
  • V shaped insert bottom avoids inserts movement during machining.
  • Obtuse angled flank face of insert strengthens cutting edge and avoids chipping.
  • Wider insert cross-section improves insert strength and allows larger screw size.
  • Larger screw size of M2 compared to M1.8 reduces screw neck shears under high cutting forces.

– Precise machining

  • Sharp cutting edge with large rake angle ensures smooth cutting.
  • Periphery ground insert provides highly accurate machined wall and surface finish.

– Inserts

  • 2 types of insert geometries cover wide variety of material machining from steel, stainless, cast iron, aluminum to heat resistant superalloys.



– Shoulder milling
– Slotting
– Ramping
– Plunging and traversing
– Helical interpolation
– Hole enlarging


ISO Application Range: