Economical 8 edged inserts with light cutting face milling cutter

Light cutting & optimal chip forming insert, featuring 8 cutting edges with high positive rake angle

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– High positive rake face mill

  • Inserts with a high positive rake provide light cutting actions
    • Ensures smooth cutter entry to the work material as well as free chip evacuation.
    • Three types of economical inserts are available, each equipped with a wiper and numbered for easy identification.
      • MM geometry, M class 8 cutting edges
      • MM geometry, H class 8 cutting edges
      • Wiper insert 4 cutting edges
  • Cutting force is 5-10% lower than the competitors’ inserts.

– Designed to ensure machining stability

  • Ideal chip forming
    • Provides an ideal chip shape in steel, stainless steel and other gummy materials. Chips can be cleaned out of the machine easily.
  • Better insert reliability with double flank relief
    • The insert flank is constructed with two angles which provides greater cutting edge support.
  • Minimum interference design
    • Allows milling close to the walls and fixtures.

– Excellent surface finish

– Improved usability

  • Easy corner change without screw removal
    • Prevents dropping insert and screw when changing corner.


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