The ultimate solution for high speed machining of aluminum alloys

Now offering DX110 grade -ultra-fine grain polycrystalline diamond grade

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– Submicron grain sized PCD structure allows the insert’s cutting edge to retain extreme sharpness.

– Its strong PCD grain bond signifi cantly reduces the drop-off of the abrasive grains during machining, making the grade exceptionally wear resistant.


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Incredible reliability in hardened steel turning

With new BXA10 available in the series, a wider range of continuous and light interrupted cuts are now covered along with versatile BXA20 grade

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– First choice for continuous to light interrupted cuts
– For Vc = 230 m/min (750 sfm) or less


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CBN grade for superalloy machining

Provides excellent wear resistance in exotic materials under high-speed conditions

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– Heat resistance and oxidation resistance are improved by using Alumina-based binders. Maximizes high-speed machining of super alloys

– Well-dispersed Zirconia grains improve fracture resistance

– Excellent finished surface is obtained by using fine cBN particles.


ISO Application Range



Ideal Grade for Sintered Powder Metals and High Speed Finishing of Cast Iron Parts

Exceptional reliability and long tool life in machining sintered powder metals and cast iron at high speed

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– BX470: fine-grained, high cBN content grade

  • Excellent edge quality
    • → reduces burr formation in powder metal parts
    • → provides superior surface finishing in sintered powder metal parts

– BX480: high cBN content grade with well-sintered cBN grains

  • Fracture resistance → ensures stability during interrupted cutting of sintered powder metals
  • High thermal conductivity → ideal for high speed machining of cast iron


ISO Application Range
ISO_H, Powder metal



NEW chipbreaker for efficient hard turning

Innovative 3D chipbreaker on T-CBN inserts for efficient chip control

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– By separating the chipbreaker from the cutting edge, the cutting force imposed on the cutting edge during machining is significantly reduced, thus providing long tool life.

– The cutting edge preparation is designed to ensure easy cutting at low cutting forces, while maintaining close tolerances with no deviations.

– The HP style chipbreaker, combined with built-in wipers, yields excellent surface quality and good chip control.


ISO Application Range



New brazing technology for increased machining efficiency – “WavyJoint”

For high efficiency hardened steel machining

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– A maximum depth of cut up to 0.8 mm

  •  Reduces the number of passes to increase productivity

– Innovative WavyJoint brazing technology

  •  Prevents the CBN tips from debrazing, eliminating abrupt insert fractures during demanding dry machining, while


ISO Application Range



Useful CBN insert with unique shape, GNGA type 70° corner angle

For high efficiency in finishing hardened steel, cast iron and sintered metals

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– New shape CBN insert for general turning

  • 70° corner angle makes large clearance between insert and workpiece.
  • Large clearance reduces the cutting force and wear on edge, and provides smooth chip flow to prevent scratches on machined surface by chips.

– High versatility

  •  Standard toolholder for ISO CN**1204 insert is available.
  • No need offsets compared to CN**1204 insert, due to same geometry of cutting edge position.
  • Double sided insert with 2 cutting edges.
  • 4 types of CBN grades are available for machining of a wide range of materials.


ISO Application Range
ISO_K ISO_HSintered metal





BXA20 – New coated CBN grade for hardened steel

Remarkably long tool life in hardened steel turning with a new coating layer and CBN substrate

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The smallest indexable CBN insert in the world

Minimum boring diameter of ø4.5 mm (0.177″)for hardened steel and sintered metal.
BX310, BX470

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Suitable for high-speed machining of centrifugally cast iron

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Excellent for hardened steel machining

BXM10, BXM20

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