Head-changeable drill for drilling large holes

Improves productivity and reliability in heavy drilling with unique drill head and clamping concept

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– Two effective cutting edges

  • The drill head with two effective cutting edges provides high productivity and reliability

– Optimized drill body

  • The drill body has an optimized flute design for smooth chip evacuation and enhanced stiffness

– Unique clamping system

  • Easy and quick yet rigid and reliable clamping method for excellent hole quality and long tool life
  • The drill head change is possible without removing the drill body from the tool holder or the spindle, eliminating re-adjustments
    Asymmetric shaped drill head not only secures stability in heavy machining but also error-proofs drill head installation
    The drill body has a wide supporting area for the drill head for rigid insert clamping
    By replacing the head screw regularly, the drill body can be used for an even longer period


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