Double-sided positive insert for semi-finishing to finishing

Multifunctional endmills for semi-fi nish or fi nishing operation with profi le milling or plunging

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– Double sided with positive edge – innovative geometry

  • The unique twisted peripheral shape provides positive flank clearance for double sided insert.
    Positive insert positioning and sharper cutting edge improves cutting action and surface finish.
  • Highly economical insert with 6 cutting edges.

– High stability

  • Dove-tail clamping system maintains the rigidity for accurate 3 dimensional machining.
    Improves reliability in plunging operations.
  • Back clearance angle with wall surface avoids chip packing allowing smooth cutting even in machining of square wall.
  • Optimized geometry of cutting edge offers resistance to chipping in machining of steel and hardened

– High versatility

  • Modular style endmills with metric and TungMeister thread allows flexibility to be used with various type of shanks or holder in TungHold and TungMeister series.
  • Combinations of shank lengths and shank material guarantees versatility in machining operations.

ISO Application Range: