TurnLine: Cast iron turning marks a powerful step forward with an expansion of the T515 grade range

Tungaloy Corporation is further expanding its T515 range, a CVD grade with unmatched performance in cast iron turning. The added line ups of regular-sized inserts are available in T515 with CM chipbreakers for medium turning of cast iron. An entirely new insert line of T515 is also being added to the ISOEco-Turn series. This expansion will further strengthen the company’s position in cast iron turning market.

T515 is a versatile CVD grade perfectly engineered for efficient cast iron turning, smartly combined with a dedicated coating layer and cemented carbide substrate. With enhanced adhesion between the coating and substrate, T515 delivers exceptional persistence to chipping and flaking, thus offering added stability in high speed cast iron turning. The added thickness of an alumina (Al2O3) coating layer (1.7 times thicker than conventional grades) enhances resistance to wear during extremely abrasive, high-speed cast iron machining, extending tool life for fewer tool changes. PremiumTec, Tungaloy’s original surface treatment technology, improves the surface smoothness of the coating for outstanding resistance to chipping and built-up edge.

ISOEco-Turn will include two new T515 insert ranges: 16 types in a general-purpose range with no chipbreaker, and 6 types in a sharp-edged, free-cutting insert line with CM chipbreakers.

  • Features and benefits:
    • Adhesion strength between coating and substrate are greatly enhanced to improve wear and peeling resistances
    • A thick alumina coating layer fortifies the insert’s wear resistance during high speed machining
    • A new addition of the T515 grade to the ISOEco-Turn series will improve the cost per insert as well as tool life performance
  • Total items to be added: 22 items