Personal data protection policy

Tungaloy Corporation (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”), in accordance with its Basic Commitment and Standards of Conduct, engages in business activities and contributes to society, while earning the trust of all customers and meeting the expectations of stakeholders.
The company appropriately protects personal data obtained from its stakeholders through business activities in accordance with the following Basic Policy, recognizing that personal data is important asset of each stakeholder as well as for Tungaloy.


You may be asked to provide your personal information (including name, address, phone number, email address, etc.) when requesting a catalog, inquiring concerning products, responding to employment opportunities, or when your contact information is needed for providing our services or products.


When Tungaloy obtains personal data from customers, we clearly indicate in advance the purpose of use and use the information within the scope of the stated purpose of use. When the need to use a customer’s personal data for any purpose that goes beyond the stated purpose arises, we notify the customer to that effect and obtain their consent before using the information for such purpose.  For more details, please refer to Intended Use of Personal Data.


Tungaloy does not disclose customers’ personal data to third parties except in the following cases.

  1. When a customer has given a prior consent to the disclosure.
  2. When Tungaloy consigns any portion of its business to a third party and personal data used within the scope of intended use.
  3. When Tungaloy shares personal information collected from customers with third parties, who provide services that may include, but are not necessarily limited to, website hosting, data analysis and email services, and personal data used within the scope of intended use of personal data.
  4. When another entity succeeds to the business of Tungaloy due to a merger, corporate separation, transfer of business or otherwise.
  5. Subject to applicable law, in response to court and governmental orders, civil subpoenas, discovery requests and as otherwise required by law.


  1. Tungaloy has security measures in place to protect customers’ personal information provided against loss or damage, alteration and reveal to any third party.
  2. If you would like to inquire, correct, or remove your personal information from Tungaloy’s database, please contact us.
  3. Children under 16 years should provide personal data only after obtaining the consent of a parent or guardian.
  4. Tungaloy disclaims any responsibility for the security of customers’ personal data used on third parties (either businesses or individuals) websites that are linked to Tungaloy website.
  5. This “Personal Data Protection Policy” applies to personal data held by Tungaloy Corporation in Japan. The policy does not apply to Tungaloy’s affiliated in Japan or to overseas subsidiaries.
  6. From time to time, Tungaloy may revise the Personal Data Protection Policy to better protect customers’ personal data or to comply with changes in the applicable laws and regulations.

Intended use of personal data

Tungaloy intends to use personal data of customers and other individuals for the following purposes.


  1. Shipment of purchased products, repair and other after-sales services.
  2. Plan and development of products and services.
  3. Responses to customers’ requests for brochure, product information, visit and advice by sales/engineers, etc.
  4. Sending information about new products, events and campaign.
  5. Drawing of campaign and shipment of prize.
  6. Handling inquiries from customers.
  7. Enforcement of rights and fulfillment of obligations under contract with customers and laws.
  8. Intended Use of Personal Data specified when collecting personal data from customers.
  9. Businesses incidental to purposes stated above.


  1. Enforcement of rights or fulfillment of obligations under corporate law.
  2. Provision of benefits to shareholders.
  3. Contact with shareholders.
  4. Businesses incidental to purposes stated above.


  1. Selection and recruitment of applicants for employment.
  2. Contact and communication with applicants for employment.
  3. Businesses incidental to purposes stated above.