La ‘Fuerza’ de Tungaloy aumenta el avance y la velocidad con TUNGFORCE

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La ‘fuerza’ de Tungaloy aumenta el avance y la velocidad con TUNGFORCE

Tungaloy continues to expand its innovative product offerings with the recent high-profile, global launch of the company’s TUNGFORCE campaign. The TUNGFORCE launch was the largest introduction of innovative new products in Tungaloy’s 87-year history.

Metalworking technology is advancing faster than ever before. To help accommodate this progress and address the demands for accelerated machining, Tungaloy has reinvented itself by the introduction of advanced new products and innovative technologies. TUNGFORCE, Tungaloy’s ground-breaking technologies, introduces revolutionary developments in grades and geometries intended for turning, milling, parting-off / grooving and holemaking. TUNGFORCE features a wide range of ground-breaking new products that are designed to improve customer productivity by substantially accelerating their machining operations.

The campaign name “TUNGFORCE” has dual meanings. “TUNGFORCE” or gravitational force is a term used when explaining acceleration. TUNGFORCE is a line of products used to accelerate machining.

The emphasis on the “G” in TUN”G”FORCE is to illustrate the significance of both Grades and Geometries. Tungaloy’s advancements in cutting tool material Grades allow tools to run at exceptional speeds (RPM) while maintaining extraordinary tool life. Also, the new ranges’ advanced geometries allow unprecedented feed rates to be applied. The advantageous TUNGFORCE combination of grades and geometries explains the ranges’ most appropriate motto – “Feed the Speed.”

In order to compete in today’s extremely competitive marketplace, manufacturers invest in the latest machine tool technologies. However, the limiting factor that stands in the way of increased productivity is often the cutting tool being used. TUNGFORCE is designed to release the latent, productive capability of today’s machine tools. To ensure that all potential customers are able to become more productive, even when used on older equipment, TUNGFORCE tools are capable of removing more metal in a shorter period of time when compared to conventional cutting tools.

At the heart of the range’s innovations is Tungaloy’s dedicated team of engineers. Tungaloy’s knowledgeable R&D and Product team have worked both in the laboratory and in practical shop floor situations with numerous customers, to develop advanced solutions, not only for today’s machining needs but also for potential future applications. The TUNGFORCE campaign has introduced too many new products to mention individually in this brief article; however, a few are revealed below.


Miniature/MiniForce-Turn – These innovative double-sided, positive inserts are securely locked into their toolholder by means of a dovetail, providing very robust and rigid clamping. The inserts are designed to replace traditional CCMT, DCMT, and VBMT type positive inserts. Not only do they offer beneficial double-sided economy but the new inserts’ remarkable performance far exceeds that of traditional products. These innovative tools are ideal for Swiss-type machining for general engineering applications and for automotive market sector’s use.


Grooving/TetraForce-Cut – Precision grooving inserts with four cutting edges. These innovative tools are capable of directional parting-off, flat bottom grooving, and full radius grooving. The inserts feature chipbreakers suitable for all materials, making this product ideal for the general machining and small-part machining industries.


MillQuadFeed – Tungaloy is an acknowledged pioneer in high-feed milling. To complement its market-leading DoFeed line of high-feed products, Tungaloy has introduced MillQuadFeed. This workhorse achieves incredible metal removal rates with feed rate capabilities of 2 mm per tooth and depth of cut capabilities of 2.5 mm with additional large ramping capabilities. MillQuadFeed is ideal for most machining sectors, although it is ideal for use on die and mold, heavy industries, forgings, oil and gas, aerospace, and general machining.


DoForce-Tri – Building on the worldwide market success of Tungaloy’s 90-degree, shoulder milling category leader, Tung-Tri, Tungaloy has introduced a double-sided version, now offering 6 cutting edges. The impressive free cutting nature of the inserts allows large depths of cut. The new inserts are available in wiper type, radius type, and chip-splitter type geometries. This versatile tool is applicable for use in all machining industries.


TungForce-Rec – This unique mini shoulder milling line offers a unique-shaped miniature insert with a robust clamping mechanism. TungForce-Rec produces high wall accuracy and good surface finish while providing the advantage of running at high feed. Inserts are available in standard chipbreakers and the specially-designed chipbreakers for aluminium. The cutters range from 8 mm diameter, making this tool a great alternative to solid carbide endmills.


DrillForce-Meister – In a quest to further accelerate holemaking operations, Tungaloy introduced the DrillForce-Meister. This innovative tool, designed for large-diameter drilling (26 – 41 mm diameter) offers two effective teeth, double that of indexable drills. DrillForce-Meister reduces cycle times by half. These drills offer a quick-change insert that can be indexed accurately, thus providing reliable machining repeatability and reducing machine downtime.