High-density PCD Facemills for a maximum efficiency in non-ferrous milling

Iwaki / Japan, 19th December 2016, Tungaloy Corporation launches the TungSpeedMill line, a totally new concept for the polycrystalline diamond (PCD) facemills for a maximum performance in every non-ferrous application.

Featuring tangentially-oriented inserts, TungSpeedMill is one of the densest PCD facemills available in the market. In tangential structure, the inserts are allocated along the cutter’s periphery, allowing more inserts to be mounted on the cutter body, compared with conventional radial orientation. The insert’s thickest, toughest cross section bears the brunt of the cutting force vector, improving stability and efficiency in demanding operations, thus making TungSpeedMill a perfect tool for Accelerated Machining in every non-ferrous application.

Built for a high speed cutting of up to 5,000 m/min (16,400 sfm), TungSpeedMill offers solid steel bodies in the diameter range of ø50-80 mm (2”-3.15”) and bi-metal structures of steel and aluminum in ø100 mm (4”) and up. A titanium body is also available upon request where weight reduction is required while further enhancing the body durability.

The PCD inserts are available in single-tipped, double-tipped, or full-edged format. Three types of cutting edge geometries are available for the best result in a roughing or super-finishing operation, depending on workpiece surface condition.

This new lineup offers the bore (shell) type in diameters ø50 mm – ø125 mm (2”-5”) and the shank (cylindrical) type in diameters 25 mm and 32 mm (1” and 1.25”). The pilot bore diameters are available in ISO metric system or JIS standard. Tailor-made cutters are also feasible upon request.

  • features:
    • High density PCD facemill for extreme feed rates, enabling Accelerated Machining in non-ferrous operations
    • Tangentially-oriented inserts ensure an insert stability in high-parameter operation
    • A wide variety of standard cutter diameters, lengths, number of inserts, and spindle connections available
    • A spectrum of insert geometries and formats for heavy roughing to super finishing
    • Tailor-made cutters and inserts available upon request