Release of Machining Power, the online calculator for machine settings

We are pleased to announce that Machining Power, the online calculator for machine settings, is now available through the web-based E-catalog page.

Machining Power is the calculator site which quickly provides the values necessary for efficient machining, such as net mean power demand, cutting force, and material removal rate. The system is very user-friendly, and the customer simply needs to select the application and input the cutting conditions, including specifications for tools, cutting speed, feed per tooth, and other relevant parameters.

The same function is already available in Dr. Carbide, a mobile app that has been receiving good reputation in the market. In response to the customers’ strong request to perform the calculations on computers, we have developed Machining Power on a web-based platform that delivers the same results as Dr. Carbide does.

Machining Power is useful as a stand-alone system, but it can also be used in combination with Tungaloy’s other IT tools. For an instance, the result of the recommended cutting conditions given by Tung-Navi, the tool navigation system, can be used on Machining Power, which allows customers to reach the information of power requirement and machining efficiency in a wide variety of applications.

To access Machining Power, click the tab located in the upper right side of the E-catalog page or the URL below:

If you have any question, please contact your sales representative or Marketing Department.

Thank you.


How to use Machining Power

(1) Click the tab “Machining Power” on the upper right side of the E-catalog page.


(2) The start page will appear.


(3) Select the application and input the cutting conditions. Click “Calculate,” then Results will show the values of net mean power demand, material removal rate, and other related figures.



TungTech Article – May 2015,TungSix-Drill: Revolutionary Solution for Setup with Low Rigidity

TungTech Header image

Holemaking is one of the major operations in machining today, and almost 30% of the cutting tools are used for drilling. On an average, at least 1 hole is drilled for every machined component, which means that the market potential for drilling tools is very high.



TungTech Article – Apr. 2015, Innovative Solution for Turning High-Temperature Alloys

TungTech Header image

Published in “Tool Engineering“ 2014 Aug. vol. 55, no. 11 / TAIGA Publishing Co., Ltd

Market trends have shown an increasing popularity of high-temperature alloys in many industries, particularly, aerospace, power generation, oil and gas, and even automotive sectors. When machining high-temperature alloys, cutting tools tend to break down quickly, shortening tool life. Customers in these industries demand high productivity and reliable tool life for these “difficult-to-cut” materials. more…


TungTech Article – Mar. 2015, DoFeed for Efficient High-Feed Milling


Tungaloy’s DoFeed has transformed the manufacturers’ way of thinking about milling. These flexible and versatile tools offer much more advantages than any other milling tool: dramatically reduced cycle time and cost, long tool life, and high quality of finished parts. 


Tungaloy’s e-Catalog has been renewed!

We are pleased to announce that Tungaloy’s e-Catalog has been renewed to enhance usability for our customers.

  • Information, such as tool dimensions, is easier to see on the widened display.
  • The system automatically identifies the measuring unit (metric/inch) with the item description or number entered in the search box.
    • You no longer need to choose metric or inch when searching for an item.
  • A banner linked to Dr. Carbide, Tungaloy’s latest mobile application, has been added to the top of the page.
    • Dr. Carbide contains e-Catalog and other useful tools for cutting tool selection and machining.



New Production Facility in Japan

Tungaloy Corporation is proud to announce the completion of an additional production building at its headquarters located in Japan. The new facility is added on to the existing manufacturing complex opened in 2011 and will help the company meet the rapidly increasing demand for cemented carbide inserts, milling tools, and indexable drills in the market.


TungTech Article – Feb. 2015, DoMiniTurn External Line for Precision Machining


A recent trend in automotive, aerospace, and general machining industries is to produce smaller and more precise parts to reduce the weight and increase their performance. To meet this market demand, Tungaloy has developed DoMiniTurn – External line series for machining small, precision parts on automatic lathes and small-sized CNC lathes.



“Dr. Carbide” launched! New mobile app for machining!!

We are proud to introduce our new package of mobile applications Dr. Carbide.


Tungaloy offers a wide range of cutting tools to provide total solutions to your machining needs. Selecting the right tool and machine setting are the key to maximizing your productivity, and Dr. Carbide will assist you in finding the “cure” for your needs in a very simple, quick search. more…