Square Shoulder Mill – an Addition of M-class inserts to the DoForce-Tri

Iwaki, Fukushima, Japan / October 14, 2016: Tungaloy Corporation adds a new line of M class inserts with built-in wipers to the DoForce-Tri line – the latest and most popular square shoulder mill line.

Today’s advanced machining methods allow cutting tools to achieve near net shapes in rough-profiling components. The complex clamping and fixtures used in such a setup require interference concerns with the cutting tools during machining. A square shoulder mill with a 90° cutting angle, therefore, plays an important role in such a limited setting, instead of a regular facemill with a 45°-70° cutting edge. DoForceTri uses the double-sided, six-cornered inserts, available in three different geometries for a spectrum of applications.

The new M-class insert incorporates built-in wipers, perfect for achieving a super-finished surface in a facemilling operation, while improving insert economy.

Two new CVD grades, T1215 and T3225, are added to the existing PVD line. T1215 has high wear resistance, making it perfect for high speed machining of cast iron. T3225 exhibits superior resistance to wear and fracture, allowing high-performance machining of steel and stainless steel.


  • Six cornered, double-sided inserts for improved economy
  • Expansion of the M-class insert with built-in wipers
  • Super-finished surface quality on both face and 90° wall
  • Two new standard CVD grades: T1215 and T3225


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