DuoJustCut: Expansion for Threading Inserts and Round Shank Holders

Iwaki / Japan, 09. December 2016, Tungaloy Corporation is expanding its DuoJustCut line to include threading inserts and round shank holders to further its position in small-part machining industries.

DuoJustCut can now line up threading inserts for front as well as back turning operations, incorporating a highly rigid clamping method to prevent insert from moving during high feed machining. One type of threading insert and three types of parting-off inserts are now available for use in a single holder. This, along with the new round-shank toolholder lines will facilitate tooling in the Swiss machine market.

 Main features:

  • Unique insert clamping system secures insert rigidity even in high feed machining.
  • Insert geometries are optimized for threading in front or back turning operations.
  • One holder can be used in either parting-off or threading operations: no need to use two different holders.
  • Round-shank holders are now available as standard.
  • Even if the first cutting edge is fractured, the other cutting edge can be used thanks to its unique insert clamping method.
  • SH725, the new PVD grade, for added tool life.


  • Toolholder: 7 items
  • Insert: 10 items