Powerful high-feed milling cutter with improved metal removal rate

Highly productive face milling operation of large components

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– High metal removal rates

  • Large depth of cut up to 2.5 mm (0.098″)
  • High feed rate up to 2.0 mm (0.079″)/tooth

– Good chip evacuation

  • Wavy cutting edge controls chip formation, quickly removing chips from pockets.
  • Large chip gullet on the cutter body assists smooth chip evacuation.
  •  Air blow to the cutting edge helps clear chips in pocket machining.

– Versatility in machining

  • Large ramping & helical interpolation angle due to positive flank.
  • Optimized rake angle on the cutting edge reduces cutting force and makes the insert suitable for machining all types of materials with extended tool life.

– Higher stability in machining

  • Optimized relief angles (α1 & α2) reduce chattering during high-feed milling.
  • Strengthened included angle (β1) of the cutting edge improves fracture resistance.
  • The insert’s straight sides secure the insert on the pocket against cutting force.
    Ensures reliability in heavy machining
    Replaces top clamp with simple screw clamping



– Shoulder milling
– Small depth plunging
– Ramping
– Plunging
– Drilling (Helical feed)
– Enlarging hole

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