Rounding out the line for Swiss-type lathes – Tungaloy to Add a Cylindrical-Shank Holder Line to its TungThread Series

August 2017, Iwaki – Tungaloy expands on its TungThread series to include cylindrical shank holders for external threading applications, further enhancing our flexibility for Swiss-type lathes.

These cylindrical shank holders can carry Tungaloy’s existing 16ER style external threading inserts, eliminating additional tooling costs for new inserts. An innovative holder design exhibits a maximum rigidity while minimizing tool vibration and deflection during demanding machining, ensuring reliable threading operations. Standard cylindrical shank holders are available in shank diameters of ø16 mm, ø19.05 mm, ø20 mm, ø25 mm, and ø25.4 mm.


  • Thread types available with
    • ISO Metric
    • Unified Thread Standard (UTS)
    • Witworth, BSW
    • PT
    • NPT
    • NPTF
    • 30° Trapezoid (DIN103)
    • 29° Trapezoid (ACME)
    • API Round
    • Round (DIN405)
    • UNJ
  • Features
    • A new lineup of cylindrical shank holders for external threading in Swiss-type lathes
    • Existing 16ER type inserts are mountable, covering the most popular range of thread types in the market
    • Vibration-damping and resistant to tool deflection
  • Total 7 items to be added