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General Catalog 2018-2019 (Inches) View
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Metric Inch
New Product 2016 View View

General Catalog 2018-2019 ISO Spec (European) View
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General Catalog 2018-2019 JIS Spec View
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Insert Grades for Turning

Coated Carbide Grades
Metric Inch
AH8000 View View
SH725 View View
T515 View View
T9100 Series View View
T6100/AH600 Series View
T5100 Series View View
AH905 View View
Cermet Grades
Metric Inch
NS9530 cermet, GT9530 coated cermet View View
Carbide & T-DIA Grades
Metric Inch
KS05F & T-DIA Series View View
CBN Grades
Metric Inch
BXA20 View View
BX910 View View
BXM Series View View
Mini T-CBN View View
Metric Inch
FW &SW View View
AM View View

Turning Tools

General Turning
Metric Inch
TungTurn-Jet View View
ISO-EcoTurn View View
TurningA View
StreamJetBar View View
MiniForce-Turn View View
DimpleFX View View
FixRTurn View
Grooving & Parting
Metric Inch
DuoJust-Cut View View
TungCut View View
EasyMulti-Cut View View
TetraForce-Cut View View
MY-T Series View
GTGN type View View
TGTS, TGTT & SGT-type View
TungHeavyGroove View View
Heavy Turning
Metric Inch
TurnTec View View
TurnFeed View View
THS & TUS Chipbreakers View View
Metric Inch
TungThread View
Small-Part Machining
Metric Inch
Tools for miniature parts View
JS, JRP, JPP, JSP View View
TinyMiniTurn View View

Indexable Mills

Metric Inch

High-Feed Milling Solution

View View

TungMeister Technical Guide

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High-Feed Milling
Metric Inch
MillQuadFeed View View
DoTwistBall View View
DoFeed Series View View
DoFeedQuad View View
HybridTACMill (EXH) View
MillFeed (EXP, TXP) View (ISO)
Face Milling
Metric Inch
DoTriple-Mill View View
DoPent View View
TungMill (TAW, EAW) View (JIS) / View (ISO) View
DoOcto / DoQuad View View
FixRMill View View
RoundSplit View View
TungMill (TFE, EFE) View (JIS)
TungMill (DPD, EDPD) View (JIS)
Shoulder Milling
Metric Inch
TungForce-Rec View View
TungTri-Shred View View
DoForce-Tri View View
Tung-Tri View View
TungRec View View
Tung-AluMill View View
TecMill View View
DoRec View View
TungQuad View View
TungMill (TPW, EPW) View (JIS) / View (ISO) View
HybridTACMill (EPH) View
RoughingMill Series View View
Profile Milling
Metric Inch
DoTwistBall View View
DoMini-Mill View View
BallFinishNose View View
FixRMill View View
RoundSplit View View
Slot Milling
Metric Inch
SlotMill Series View View
Multi-Functional Milling Tools
Metric Inch
ThreadMilling View
TungMeister View View
HybridTACMill (EVH) View
EVX View
SolidMeister View
Modular Milling Tools
Metric Inch
TungFlex View

Metric Inch

DrillMeister Technical Guide

View View

Indexable Drills

Metric Inch
DrillForce-Meister View View
TungdrillTwisted View View
TungSix-Drill View View
TungDrillBig View View
DrillMeister View View
TCB View

Solid Carbide Drills

Metric Inch
SolidDrill (DSW) View
GigaMiniDrill (DSM) View

Deep Hole Drills

Metric Inch
GunDrill View View
DeepTri-Drill View View

Tooling System

Metric Inch
SpinJet View
TungCap View View
TungHold View View
TungHold BT interface series View

Metric Inch
BeamWrench View
Matrix Series 5 View

Metric Inch
Cincom DirectTung-Jet View
Product Highlights 2016 View View
New Application Package Dr.Carbide View
Tungaloy Environmental Report View
Oil & Gas Industrial Solution View
Automotive Industrial Solution View
Die & Mold Industrial Solution View View
Medical Industrial Solution View View
Feb. 2015, DoMiniTurn for Precision Machining View
Mar. 2015, DoFeed for Efficient High-Feed Milling View
Apr. 2015, Innovative Solution for Turning High-Temperature Alloys View
May 2015, TungSix-Drill: Revolutionary Solution for Setup with Low Rigidity View
As powerful as it looks, a perfect solution for accelerated machining View
Remarkable productivity and stability for deep hole drilling View
Improves Productivity in Parting off Small Parts View
The New CVD Coated Grade for Cast Iron Turning View
Accelerate your small-diameter milling applications View